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A little change of plan

Sorry guys. I am postponing the server upgrade so you will still have to bear with the ‘no email notification for replies on your comments’ status. I do apologize for this inconvenience…

I am feeling very very low right now. So not in much of a mind to update anything.

But no worries and please don’t ask. Nothing at all has happened :) I will be alright soon enough. Just need to pull myself together that’s all.

Keep checking back. Visitors always welcome!~



Talking about english input method, I have used nothing like the swype method that samsung galaxy has to offer. Extremely fast and intelligent and finish even the longest word in seconds is simply amazing. Btw I really wish that you can see the way I am typing this blog now…by far it’s the best blogging experience I’ve had on a mobile device. It’s definitely an A++ from me :)

Well this blog is definitely getting more technical and geeky… Not a good thing… Hope I won’t lose my precious readers :p